Pacing (Work In Progress)

“Pacing" (2023-present), Haight delves into the enigmatic essence of time, unmasking its adaptability within meticulously arranged spatial choreography. Within this composition, a lightbulb assumes the dual roles of 'sun' and pendulum, illuminating the dancers' silhouettes in a study of physical tension and parallel realities.

Dance Artists: Clarke Blair & Tia Kushniruk

FRAGMENTS (Short Film)
coming soon

Experimental Shortfilm comissioned by
Montréal Composer Tim Brady.

Direction: Susannah Haight
Cinematography: Bryce Zimmerman
Choreography:  Charles Brecard
Produced: Tim Brady

Unity House (Short Film)
coming soon

Experimental Dance film based on the short story
by Tanya Zamirovskay “Inside You In Your Absence”

Direction: Daria zapriagaeva
Cinematography: Susannah Haight
Choreographic Direction: Susannah Haight and Sadiya Elizabeth
Production: Breathe ent

Funded by the Society of the Creative School

Untitled - (Clock piece) 

October 5th 2024

Within a clock-like structure, a singular dancer offers a meditative, site-adaptable performance. Each deliberate motion captures time's passage, inviting viewers into a tactile experience of fleeting moments. This dance blurs the lines between body and time, challenging our perceptions of both.

Dancer: Tia Kushniruk

People Watching 2021

avant-garde video tableau which coalesces the artistic boundaries of contemporary circus ensemble, "People Watching." This piece delves deep into the visceral realm, endeavoring to curate an assemblage that resonates with profound intimacy and the quintessence of the human condition.

People Watching: Brin Schoellkopf & Sabine van Rensburg

Fruits of our Labour  2018
Fruits of our Labour  2018

"Fruits of our Labour" (2018), created for Paloma Wool, delves into the spatial unconscious via dissociative states, employing clementines as physical tools for compositional exploration