Susannah Haight is a neuro-divergent, multidisciplinary artist based out of Tkaronto whose research focuses on movement and performance.

Interested in the concept of hybridity, Susannah’s work  combines her performance art with  mediums such as digital art, film, photography, fashion, painting, textiles and design. The goal of her collaborations with artists outside the dance milieu is to  create poetic alternative worlds.

She has had the pleasure of working with international fashion designers Paloma Wool (Barcelona, Spain), KARA NYC (New York, USA) and Rua Carlota (London, England)


2024    Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA): Film Studies Toronto Metropolitan University, Toronto 

2020     Arts, Literature and Communication: Creative Arts – Design Option  La Salle College, Montréal
               Recipient of “Special Distinction in Visual Arts” Award 

2017      École de danse contemporaine de Montréal. Montréal  

2014     Etobicoke School of the Arts, Toronto
              Recipient of Edward Lam Memorial Scholarship (Dance) – presented by Moss and Lam 2014

Exhibition & Performance

2023     Visual Connects, Winchester Street theater - Toronto

2022     Confluence, Artists:  Stripped Cannary, The Bentway - Toronto

2021     Festival Quartier Danse, Habitat nos Mémoires - Artistic Director; Caroline Laurin Beaucage - Montréal

2021     The Mill, National Theatre School Foundation Project – Montréal

2020     The Evening, Deptford Does Art Gallery – London, England

2020     Fly, Le laboratoire de création – Artistic Director; Andrea Peña - Montréal

2019     FTA Festival, Innervision, 14 Lieux Compagnie - Artistic Director; Martin Messier & Caroline Laurin Beaucage - Montréal

2018    Freelance Dancer – Compagnie Marie Chouinard - Artistic Director; Marie Chouinard - Montréal


2023     NES Artist Residency -Artistic director; Vicky O’shea – Skagaströnd, Iceland

2022     L’interface. Lorganisme - Artistic Directors; Caroline Laurin Beaucage, Sebastian Provencher - Montréal

2021     Deep Sea Research - Artistic Directors; Jenna Berlyn & Tia Kushniruk - Vancouver

2018     Pilot Project Danse a La Carte - Artistic Director; Lisa Davies – Montréal


“Unity House” (experimental Short) – Dir; Daria Zapriagaeva Prod, Breathe Ent, & Society of the Creative School

“Human Being” (music video) - Jane Inc – Director; Shelby Fenlon, Lee Henderson, Producer; Sarah Claydon

“The Routine” (CFC Production) – Composer; Alexandra Petkovski, Director; Roney, Producer; P. Scherzer

“Equinox” (short) – Director; Jonah Haber, Cinematographer; Julian Lomaga

“Forever a moment” (performance) - Carte Blanche, Danse à la Carte, Rialto Theater- Montréal

“Fragilité” (performance) – Carte Blanche, Danse à la Carte, Rialto Theater - Monréal

“Anoesis” (short) – Director; Sebastian Furtado & Susannah Haight, Le Livart - Montréal

Choreographic Assist

“Wrap Me Up” (Music Video) – Sheenah Ko - Choreographer; Brittney Canda, Telescope Films
*Winner UKMVA Awards 2020 - Best Choreography
*Nominated - 2021 Juno Awards - Best Music Video of the Year

“Lady Winter” (Music Video) – The O’Pears – Choreographer; Brittney Canda, Telescope Films

“(AND)” (performance piece) - Compagnie ENTITY – Director; Jason Martin

Artistic Collaborations with Fashion Brands

2023     Mejuri “Figure” campaign - Toronto, Canada

2022    Local Woman “Fall 2022” Campaign - Toronto, Canada

2021     Rua Carlotta “Le fleur studio” Campaign - London, UK

2020     Paloma Wool - IG livestream performance - Barcelona, Spain

2020     Miss Noemiah “Summer 2020” Campaign - Montréal, Canada

2018     Kara NYC “You Be You” Campaign - New York, United States

2018     Paloma Wool “Fruits of our Labour” & “To Build a Paper Swan” digital performance pieces - Barcelona, Spain


2023     Society of the Creative School - “Unity House” experimental dance film